TechPalette Interactive Media Design.  
The header photo shows two people shaking hands. With you in mind. 
TechPalette's design focus is to keep you 
and your clients the spotlight of  the project.

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"One of the most important customer service skills you can develop is the ability to understand and effectively respond to the customerís needs and concerns."

Customer Service Training Center

TechPalette Design

In a business or organization it is 'something for something'. You exchange goods or services for something of value. You interact with your customer or client to meet their need. At TechPalette Design our guiding design principle is to reach the people in your world effectively..

In a web site you exchange that 'something for something'. Building a website is a bit like building a business. What do you have to provide? What does the customer or client want?

It requires a plan. It reqires a design. It requires execution.

TechPalette Design gets to know your business, your customers, and the needs of each party.

When using your site the customer should have their questions answered.

Like you, the person doing your website should be a professional.
TechPalette Design will give you that 'something for something'.

Techpalette Logo.  
It  consists of the letter “T” 
with  a set of varicolor squares on the right and bottom.  
The word TechPalette is under the bottom squares.

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