Balancing Act

Recently I built a web site for a class reunion. It seemed perfectly straight forward. I mean all I had to do is create a working page, duplicate it, then add content. Right?

Tightrope Walking

Web Design is a balancing act

As with most web sites nothing is straight forward. I had one page that jumped when you clicked the link. It moved the width of one character. It was very distracting. I tried again and again. Still it jumped. Finally I went back to the beginning. I added one element at a time. I found my list made it jump. The right margin was too wide. I deleted the rest of the content and voilá it worked! That is until I removed a photo. Then it started to jump again. I promptly replaced the photo. Once again I had a stable web page.

Web design is a balancing act. The greatest interface in the world may not work on one or two major browsers. You might have a pesky little problem like I had with this site. Besides interface design and pleasing the client, you have to make a site consistent and usable. That means designing for the vagaries of different browsers, different interpretations of your code, and the little things that can break your page. Let’s not forget where content is King usability is Queen.

  1. THANKS – this should be an interesting (and helpful) blog!

  2. Nice blog! I’m sorry it took me awhile to finally stop by! What did you use, WordPress?

    Good job! 😀

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