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Cascading Style Sheets

Did you notice the changes in my blog? This past week I have been thinking about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). I used what I learned to change my blog and a test web page I’m making for a client.

cascading style sheet

Style Sheet Pizzaz!

I began using CSS when it was new. At that time most browsers only gave CSS a pat on the head. In fact designers raised a hullabaloo to get browsers to pay attention to CSS. Articles and discussions were held about which browsers even recognized CSS. In addition every browser had their own way of looking at HTML and CSS. It was called the ‘browser wars’. At that time I decided to use basic CSS until browsers had changed. Well boy have browsers changed, and I should have been paying better attention!

HTML is the bare bones of any web site. It tells the browser it is an HTML or web page. It tells the browser what are paragraphs, lists, or blockquotes. It is CSS that adds the pizzaz! The CSS document(s) connected to a web page tells elements like paragraphs what to do. The CSS document can define margins, the color of the text, font, and background color. It can even point to a particular element, such as a link, in one specific spot to look different than all other links. CSS is both fun and powerful!

To help me on my quest to update my knowledge base I have been using “CSS the Missing Manual” and the CSS sheet for my blog. When I got my B.S. at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh I updated my CSS skills somewhat. I am finding, however, that getting caught up with what CSS can do is so much fun! So tell me, what do you think of the color changes to my blog?