Oh My HTML5!

I’ve been wondering what to write about this week. I’ve been hearing a lot about HTML 5. I thought I should take a look. Oh my, what a ground breaking leap forward it is. No longer are we using markup language left over from the scientists who originally developed the world wide web. With HTML5 we step into the present with a roadmap to the future for web designers. It uses markup language designed for us!

HTML5 Logo

W3C HTML5 logo

I first learned HTML in approximately 1995. Then I advanced my skill set and started playing with CSS1 and learning HTML4. From here I went to CSS2 and on to XHTML and Tableless Web Design. This spanned approximately an 8 year time period. Quite frankly at this point HTML 4 had not made a step forward since 1997 and XHTML was just a variation in theme.

HTML5 introduces new tags like <header></header>, < nav> </nav>, and <time></time>. It adds new elements for audio and video playback. HTML5 simplifies how you write your code. You don’t even need the <body> tag for goodness sake.

Browser support is a bet sketchy; so old formats still rule. Nonetheless over the hill I see coming the dawn of new possibilities for the web and web designers.


  1. Enjoying your blogs. I would love to know how all that works and you are telling me things I want to know in an interesting way. Keep writing!

  2. Interesting – I checked the HTML5 Browser test on IE (got a score of 12) and then on Mazilla Firefox (got a score of 139). Does the computer you are on make a difference or is it 100% browser?

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