Now You See It – Maybe?

As I have been researching topics for my post this week I ran across a concept that specifically applied to a web site I am designing. The web site uses the colors of crayon green and crayon yellow. As I looked at the header I was designing, I wondered how well the colors would look to someone who was color blind. I wasn’t sure if I had enough contrast.

According to Wikipedia: “Contrast is the difference in visual properties that makes an object … distinguishable from other objects and the background.”

shades of contrast

Shades of Contrast

7 – 8% of the population is color blind. Another portion of the population has low-vision needs. According to the Web Designer Depot there is more to contrast than color. “Creating a structure of importance using size, shape and color is what gives a page impact and legibility to the reader.”

According to A List Apart contrast “…it’s the essential ingredient that makes content accessible to every viewer.” Accessibility is an important component of design. If you want people to read your text and see your graphics you need contrast.

I guess I better get back to work and check the various components of contrast: size, shape, color, position, hierarchy of visual importance, etc. Contrast is “…about finding better and more efficient ways of communicating the message behind the design.” Wish me well!


  1. Mark Sunderman

    Extremely interesting topic – I look forward to what you find as you explore this. What makes this interesting is I don’t know what I am missing since I am color blind!

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